Since 1986, the professionals at Wellspring have assisted patients move towards healthier bodies, minds and spirits, through safe, effective therapies and through education and encouragement.

Chiropractic physician Evelyn Dysarz, D.C., considers and treats two aspects of every patient: the patient’s symptoms which need attention, and the underlying causes of those symptoms. She graduated cum laude from National University of Health Sciences.

Personal counselor Christopher Howey, Ph.D., when requested, addresses emotional discomfort arising from thoughts and beliefs a person has about their place in the world. His postgraduate training in Adlerian counseling emphasized examination and re-education about a client’s belief system.

We at Wellspring have paired extensive professional training with a strong commitment to empower each patient. We strive to supply each patient with the tools to pursue true health and the highest qualities of the human experience.

Check out the blog written by Dr. Dysarz on this website.  She periodically posts thoughts and observations on health that she finds interesting.